Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

The kindergarten classes put together a Thanksgiving program for our parents. The students worked really hard learning the songs, parts and motions for this program. We had one class dress up as Indians, one class as pilgrims, and 2 classes were turkeys. Here are the pictures I took from the program.

Pilgrims, Indians, and Turkeys, oh my!

Thanksgiving is a fun time in Kindergarten. We spent one week learning about pilgrims, Indians, and the first Thanksgiving. Students learned about how the pilgrims came to America from a land across the ocean. They learned that the Indians already lived in America and helped teach the pilgrims how to plant foods, hunt, and build houses.

The second week was spent learning about turkeys. We did a lot of fun turkey activities where we counted feathers, wrote about different things we could eat instead of turkeys, added feathers and more. We also took a few days to learn about the food pyramid. Students learned about the healthy things we need to eat and why it is important to eat all those healthy vegetables.


Halloween was a fun time for us. We spent a week learning all about pumpkins, how they grow, how we us them, and what they look like on the inside. The students helped clean out a pumpkin. Each student had the opportunity to put their hand inside the pumpkin and pull out as many seeds as they can. Later we counted how many seeds we had. We also saved some seeds for us to plant in our school garden later this year.

Our class spent a week studying nocturnal animals and day and night. We took a look at spiders, bats, and owls. We learned all kinds of facts about what nocturnal animals do at night, during the day, what they eat and so much more. We also learned a little about day and night. We took some time to sort pictures of things we do during the day and things we do at night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pancakes and Pajamas

For the Letter P week we spent a day in our pajamas making pancakes and reading the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake. The students helped sequence the story after reading. It was a fun day in Kindergarten!

Nature Center

Our first field trip was to the Nature Center. We spent the day outside learning about the things around us. We went to the garden and used our five senses to smell, see, touch, and taste the items in the garden. Most of the students did not enjoy the organically grown bell pepper. Then we made our way to learn about magnifying glasses by taking a closer look at the things around us, sticks, leaves, rocks, grass, etc. We took a listening walk and listened to the sounds nature make and ended our trip by doing a leave rubbing.