Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For the letter C week we read a lot of Clifford books. We compared books, graphed our favorite and wrote about Clifford.

Here is one activity we did where we made a Clifford face then we wrote about what we think Clifford would like at our school.

Cupcakes with Book Buddies

The letter C week was filled with Christmas around the world activities, Clifford activities, and CUPCAKES! We read the book If you give a Cat and Cupcake. We sequenced the story, wrote about our favorite part and, best of all, made cupcakes. Our 3rd grade book buddies came to our classroom and had fun decorating cupcakes with us.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Letter S Week

For the Letter S week the students worked on sequences stories by using the book Silly Sally. Students also had a fun time drawing themselves upside down. We also had some fun dress up days. On Tuesday we wore our sweats to school, Wednesday we wore slippers, Thursday we had on our Silly Socks, and Friday we wore our shades.

Force and Motion

The kindergarten classes spent a week learning all about force and motion and how things move. We were able to spend two days in the science lab exploring different ways things move.

At the end of the week all four classes came together for a Box Car Derby. The students had all Thanksgiving break to create and build their own box car. Then on Derby day the students would roll their car down the ramp to push a wooden block. The student who moved the block the most was the winner.