Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This week we are learning about dinosaurs. This is the first time we have taught dinosaurs at school. We have need had time to fit in a fun unit like this before but I am glad we found time. The kids LOVE dinosaurs!!  Today we read the book Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Bryon Barton. Then we discussed the different types of dinosaurs and what makes each one special. I had the students draw and write about which dinosaur they would want to be and why. I love reading their explanations. My students this year are so creative.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Moon

After taking some time away from our space unit to work on Mother's Day stuff we are back to space!  The class read a book about the moon by Gail Gibbons. Then they wrote two sentences about the moon. And just like the sun we painted our moon. Here are some of their work. 

(The moon is made of rock and dust. The moon is big.)

The Sun

To continue our study of day sky we read a nonfiction book about the sun. We shared with each other things we learned about the sun. Most students were excited to learn that the sun is a star. They were also surprised to learn how big the sun really is. After sharing, we wrote two sentences about the sun. Then we had fun with the paint and painted the sun. 

Space boy...and girl

The next day we read the book Space Boy. We discussed what we think it would be like if we were on the moon. Next, we discussed what fun things we would do on the moon. Here are some of their work. 

Space Week

This week we started our space unit. To start it off we by talking about things we see in the day sky. We made a list of those things. Then we discussed things we could do during the day that we might not be able to do at night. I had the students draw and write about things they like to do in the day sky. 

Next we read the book I Want to be an Astronaut. We made a list of all the reasons why we would want to be an astronaut. Then I had the students draw and write about it. 

Mother's Day

We made two quick things for our mothers last week. The first is a book A Story About My Mom!  In this book we wrote about our mom. Here are the pages from one student's book. 

Next we read the book Guess How Much I Love You. The students drew a picture of them with their arms stretched out and then wrote about how much they love their mom. Here are some of their work.