Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Drop

Here are some of the pictures from the Egg Drop Day. We had a lot of student participate and most of the eggs did not break!

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Life Cycles

The students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, ladybug, and frog this past week. As a class we wrote together about the changes that the butterfly and frog make. The day we learned about ladybugs, the students got to draw their own picture of each of the stages.


Last week we spent some time learning about weather. On the first day we created a tree map where the students made pictures that represented the weather they had.

We spent a day learning about clouds, rain, and wind. The day we learned about clouds, I took the students outside to observe the clouds and write in their science journals about clouds.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Field Day

Today was field day! The students had a great day outside playing in all of the events. Thanks Coach Bentley for planning an amazing day for our students.

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Exercise Day

In kindergarten, we had an exercise day. We spent the day talking about how important it is to exercise and how good it is for our bodies. All of kindergarten went to the gym and did A LOT of exercises together. Here are some of the pictures from that day.

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Egg Hunt

Here are pictures from our Egg-citing egg hunt we had yesterday.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoo Animals

This past week we have been learning about different zoo animals. Each day the student would read informative books about two different zoo animals. Then they would pick one of their zoo animals to write facts about in their science journals. The students did a great job recalling information and writing sentences that tell you about that animal. After we studied the two animals that day, I had a couple of students help me make a big animal, to go on a mural, and write facts about them.

One day we read the book "At the Zoo" then we made a tree map of nouns we will see at the zoo. The students drew pictures of either a person, place or thing they will see at the zoo. The students came up with some great ideas of things they will see at the zoo and their pictures are wonderful.

On Tuesday, my class goes to the computer lab. I had my DBU intern read a book about zoo animals. Students picked any animal they would see in the zoo. Then the students used Word on the computer to write clues that describe the animal they picked. Later they had time to draw their animal on their page. This was the first time we have used Word to type sentences and the students did a great job.

Thursday of Zoo week, our DBU intern did a lesson with the class. She read the book Never, Ever Shout in the Zoo. Then she had the class help her fill in a story elements page, where the student shared who was in the story, where it took place, when it took place, and what happened in the story. Then she had the students draw a picture of what might happen if they shouted in the zoo. She gave them animals crackers to glue on to their picture. After they were finished with their picture, they wrote about what would happen if they shouted in the zoo.

This coming week, is our zoo field trip. Check back next week to see pictures from the field trip.

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Q U Wedding

In kindergarten we try to make everything fun. For the past couple of years we have had a Q U wedding where we teach the students that when a word starts with a Q a U is always right after it. And we teach them that you can have words that start with a U and not have a Q. As a fun way to teach them that these letters stay together as QU we have a Q U wedding. The teachers sent home a note explaining what Q U wedding was all about and then we sent home a formal invitation inviting the students to come to the Q U wedding (of course they would be there, it was during school hours). The students had fun during the wedding, dressing up as if they are going to a wedding. The students were told they could bring gifts for Mr and Mrs. QU. These gifts had to start with a Q or a U.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


We spent a week learning about pets. What a pet is, what kind of animals could be our pets, what a pet needs and wants, how we take care of our pets and much more.

Another occasion the students wrote about things an animal needs. They had to draw a picture of their animal and then on the other side of the paper draw what your animal needs to live.

One day we discussed the different types of animal coverings an animal could have. We made a tree map to show the different types of coverings. Each student had the opportunity to draw their own animal and then put it under the correct animal covering.

A teacher on my team has a bearded dragon as a pet. She brought her pet to our school and talked to the students about what her pet needs to live and why. Then she let all of the students come and pet her bearded dragon.

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Friday we had Pet Day! Students could bring their pet to school under certain guidelines. We had a great turn out of students and their parents who brought their pets. We had a lot of dogs, cats, birds, hermit crabs, and we even had a student bring a sugar glider.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bubble Day!

For Letter B week we had a lot of fun things planned. One day we had Bubble Day. Students were asked to bring a bottle of bubbles for us to experiment with that day.

Our day started off with learning how we make bubbles by using a cup of milk and a straw. Each student had their own cup and straw and were asked to blow bubbles. Once we had explored and had our fun we talked about what we needed to make bubbles. After the students gave the answers of a cup, milk and straw they finally came to understand that the milk bubbles needed air inside to make the bubbles.

Later that day each student received a piece of Bubble Yum Bubble Gum. They had fun exploring how you can make bubbles with gum. Some students had no problems making a bubble and others just could not figure it out. However, one student was trying and trying and just a few minutes before had to throw our gum away he blew a bubble! After all the gum chewing and bubble blowing we made a graph to see who was able to blow a bubble.

Our last bubble fun of the day was when we took our bubbles the students brought and headed outside to have some fun blowing bubbles. The students loved blowing bubbles and chasing after the bubbles has the wind carried them away.

Bubble Day was a success! The slide show will have ALL of the bubble pictures I took.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


We spent two long weeks studying all about the great state of Texas. Students learned about our state flower, state bird, state flag, state insect, state rodent, cowboys, and so much more.

One day we made "Wanted Signs". These signs are super cute. Each student filled in some basic information about them, then they wrote something that could get them in trouble at home and how much reward someone would get for bringing them in. Every year I do these, they still turn out cute.

On another day we went to the computer lab and listened to the song "these boots were made for..." Then students used Pixie (an art program for the computer) to draw a picture of themselves wearing boots. Then students dictated the sentence "these boots were made for ____." Students would fill in the blank with things they could do in their boots. I cut up the sentence and then the students had to build the sentence in the correct order.

As a class we made a beautiful class mural with all of the great things about Texas. Each student made a bluebonnet, mockingbird, monarch butterfly, pecan tree leaves, and a cowboy/girl. Next to each cowboy or cowgirl the students wrote about what cowboys/girls like to do.

One day we read the book Little Red Hen and Armadilly Chili. We created a venn diagram comparing the two books. The students did a great job finding lots of details that were the same and different from the books. Once we had finished the book each student made their own armadillo. Then as a class we got to taste some chili. YUM!

One of my favorite books to read during Texas week is Chicks and Salsa. We read the book and then we had a taste test. Each student was able to taste chips and salsa, chips and queso and chips and ranch dip. Then we created a class graph to show what everyone liked best. More students liked queso.

Another great activity we did was reading the book Spicy Hot Colors. After we finished reading the book we made chili pepper patterns. The students did a great job creating their patterns.