Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoo Animals

This past week we have been learning about different zoo animals. Each day the student would read informative books about two different zoo animals. Then they would pick one of their zoo animals to write facts about in their science journals. The students did a great job recalling information and writing sentences that tell you about that animal. After we studied the two animals that day, I had a couple of students help me make a big animal, to go on a mural, and write facts about them.

One day we read the book "At the Zoo" then we made a tree map of nouns we will see at the zoo. The students drew pictures of either a person, place or thing they will see at the zoo. The students came up with some great ideas of things they will see at the zoo and their pictures are wonderful.

On Tuesday, my class goes to the computer lab. I had my DBU intern read a book about zoo animals. Students picked any animal they would see in the zoo. Then the students used Word on the computer to write clues that describe the animal they picked. Later they had time to draw their animal on their page. This was the first time we have used Word to type sentences and the students did a great job.

Thursday of Zoo week, our DBU intern did a lesson with the class. She read the book Never, Ever Shout in the Zoo. Then she had the class help her fill in a story elements page, where the student shared who was in the story, where it took place, when it took place, and what happened in the story. Then she had the students draw a picture of what might happen if they shouted in the zoo. She gave them animals crackers to glue on to their picture. After they were finished with their picture, they wrote about what would happen if they shouted in the zoo.

This coming week, is our zoo field trip. Check back next week to see pictures from the field trip.

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