Saturday, April 2, 2011


We spent two long weeks studying all about the great state of Texas. Students learned about our state flower, state bird, state flag, state insect, state rodent, cowboys, and so much more.

One day we made "Wanted Signs". These signs are super cute. Each student filled in some basic information about them, then they wrote something that could get them in trouble at home and how much reward someone would get for bringing them in. Every year I do these, they still turn out cute.

On another day we went to the computer lab and listened to the song "these boots were made for..." Then students used Pixie (an art program for the computer) to draw a picture of themselves wearing boots. Then students dictated the sentence "these boots were made for ____." Students would fill in the blank with things they could do in their boots. I cut up the sentence and then the students had to build the sentence in the correct order.

As a class we made a beautiful class mural with all of the great things about Texas. Each student made a bluebonnet, mockingbird, monarch butterfly, pecan tree leaves, and a cowboy/girl. Next to each cowboy or cowgirl the students wrote about what cowboys/girls like to do.

One day we read the book Little Red Hen and Armadilly Chili. We created a venn diagram comparing the two books. The students did a great job finding lots of details that were the same and different from the books. Once we had finished the book each student made their own armadillo. Then as a class we got to taste some chili. YUM!

One of my favorite books to read during Texas week is Chicks and Salsa. We read the book and then we had a taste test. Each student was able to taste chips and salsa, chips and queso and chips and ranch dip. Then we created a class graph to show what everyone liked best. More students liked queso.

Another great activity we did was reading the book Spicy Hot Colors. After we finished reading the book we made chili pepper patterns. The students did a great job creating their patterns.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, we're doing our Texas unit this week!