Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bubble Day!

For Letter B week we had a lot of fun things planned. One day we had Bubble Day. Students were asked to bring a bottle of bubbles for us to experiment with that day.

Our day started off with learning how we make bubbles by using a cup of milk and a straw. Each student had their own cup and straw and were asked to blow bubbles. Once we had explored and had our fun we talked about what we needed to make bubbles. After the students gave the answers of a cup, milk and straw they finally came to understand that the milk bubbles needed air inside to make the bubbles.

Later that day each student received a piece of Bubble Yum Bubble Gum. They had fun exploring how you can make bubbles with gum. Some students had no problems making a bubble and others just could not figure it out. However, one student was trying and trying and just a few minutes before had to throw our gum away he blew a bubble! After all the gum chewing and bubble blowing we made a graph to see who was able to blow a bubble.

Our last bubble fun of the day was when we took our bubbles the students brought and headed outside to have some fun blowing bubbles. The students loved blowing bubbles and chasing after the bubbles has the wind carried them away.

Bubble Day was a success! The slide show will have ALL of the bubble pictures I took.

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