Friday, January 25, 2013


Ocean Unit is one of my favorite units and we sadly are only spending 3 days on ocean because of a short week.  However, the students have had a lot of fun making ocean things and learning and writing about the ocean.  

We started the unit off by reading the book I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean.  The students helped make a list of all kinds of ocean animals.  Then the students did a writing where they filled in the blanks with our word wall words and then picked an ocean animal.  They drew a picture and painted the ocean water on top of their picture.  Here a a few of my favorite.

The next day we read the book Mister Seahorse.  As we were reading the book we discussed personality traits about Mr. Seahorse and then we wrote them down on our sheet.  The students learned that he was kind, friendly, nice, caring, proud, loving.  They used a lot of adjectives that are higher level thinking.  The students got to enjoy a fun activity where they made a seahorse using tissue paper.  They look great!

Each day the students got to learn about a different sea animal.  One day we learned about sharks, fish, octopus, and jellyfish.  As a class, we would complete a tree help of what the animal is, can, and has.  Then we used the tree map to help write three sentences.  Here is what the students did when they learned about jellyfish.

 A jellyfish is a swimmer.  A jellyfish can glow.  A jellyfish has a mouth.

 A jellyfish is a swimmer.  A jellyfish can glow.  A jellyfish has a bell shape body.

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