Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Year New Beginnings

This is the start of my seventh year teaching kindergarten and I am excited about this new year. This past week was full of getting to know each other and learning about our room and school.  The students have been a joy to have and I cannot wait to see them grow as the year goes on. This week we started off learning how to use our math manipulatives. The students were given a piece of construction paper and some manipulatives and were told to explore with them but stay on their paper. They definitely enjoyed this free time.  

As the week went on I started introducing our centers. We started with some of our daily five centers like our word work, work on writing, listen to reading.  Later we learned about our afternoon centers that consist of our home center, computer, puzzles, blocks.  The students definitely enjoyed center time. 

Friday was probably everyone's favorite day. We Learned to sort M&M's by colors then we got to eat them. Yum!

But I think the most fun came with our gingerbread hunt. We read the book The Gingerbread Man Loose in School. Then we made our gingerbread man, put him in the oven and when we went to get him out he had taken off in our school.  We made our missing posters to show people what he looked like. Then we went back to where we last saw him and noticed he left us a note.  So we read the note and then went to where it sent us.  We went ALL over the school, to the cafeteria, music room, art room, PE, the library, office, nurses office, and back to our room where he was sitting on my table. Silly gingerbread man!  We snagged a picture with him then we ate him up. 
This is one of my favorite activities to do with students. They get so excited when they find the notes. 

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