Thursday, September 26, 2013

Math Time

This year we have been doing a lot of fun things in math. But to start the year off we needed to learn and practice how we use our math materials. The first week of school we worked on how we use our math manipulatives by exploring with our pattern blocks, snap cubes, link chains, etc. I gave the students a piece of Manila construction paper so they could practice staying in their space and not taking up all of the table. 

Next we learned how to sort by colors. So I brought a snack size bag of M&M's for everyone to sort. The students worked hard to divide their M&M's by color. We discussed how we figure out which one had the most and least. Then the students got to eat their M&M's in color order of most to least. 

The next week worked on numbers 1-5. The students were practicing how to use their one to one counting. So we used play doh to help. We would make five play doh balls and then use the play doh to make the numeral. The students love working with play doh. 

This week we are learning about patterns. We have been using cubes to create pattern chains. Then we use our math journals to document the different patterns. So far we have learned all about AB patterns, ABC patterns and AABB patterns. We are working on ABB and AAB patterns. 

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